Advanced Chemicobiology Research , Volume 1 Issue 1 (2021)

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Common Cellular Events Implicated in the Regulation of Cold Stress Tolerance and Soft Rot Resistance Induced by Metabolites of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Phalaenopsis Orchids

by Huey-wen Chuang, Tony-Seung Tseng, Hsin-Yi Hsieh, Tzu-Chuan Kao, Guan-Hung Chen

ABSTRACT: Microbial metabolites induce diverse plant physiological responses. In this study, Pseudomonas aeruginosa  strain Y1 was shown to produce metabolites exhibiting a high capacity...

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A Mononuclear Nickel(II) Complex: Synthesis, X-ray Structure, Spectroscopic Characterization and Anti-tumor Activity

by Sangharaj Diyali, Ayan Kumar Mohanty, Subhajit Sarkar, Md. Firoj Hossain, Biplab Bhowmik, Bhaskar Biswas

ABSTRACT: In this work, an effort has been made to examine the counteranionic behavior of thiocyanide ion towards the stabilization of a dicationic tris(2,2'-bipyridine)nickel(II) complex in crystalline...

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Metabolic Regulation of Cell Differentiation

by Elizabeth Frayne

ABSTRACT: Growing research suggests that metabolism itself may play a role in inducing cellular differentiation. This concept stems from three different experimental approaches involving hypoxia, nutrient...