Advanced Energy Conversion Materials

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Advanced Energy Conversion Materials strives to explore the effective storage and usage to the energy as well as the in-depth development to the new-rising energy. This journal is a semiyearly open access journal and we welcome reviews, letters, applications articles in relation to preparation and characterization of energy conversion materials as well as theoretical, experimental and applied in design, simulation and other related devices.

Included studies are of structures, processes and behaviors involved in energy conversion materials at different spatial and temporal scales, photoelectric thermoelectric conversion materials and devices based on electronic conduction, research on energy storage materials and devices based on ionic conduction.

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Open Access Article

Analysis of Mathematical Modeling of PV Cell with Numerical Algorithm

by Mohammed Siham Rasheed, Suha Shihab

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we exhibit two multi steps iterative algorithms for solving nonlinear equation. These two techniques are free from second derivative and per iteration; they only need six...