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Journal of Clinical Medicine Research is an international and open-accessed journal that focuses on global research and development of clinical medicine. It mainly reports the latest development of modern clinical medicine and research direction, publishes high quality original papers, reports and review articles related to clinical medicine. The topics involve: clinical medicine, experimental study and clinical pharmacology and clinical application, symptoms and treatment, medical treatment, ultrasonic diagnosis, clinical radiology and pathology diagnosis, emergency rescue, epidemiology, and other content related to clinical medicine.

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One Case of Forensic Clinical Identification of Ulnar Radius Fracture not Involving Epiphysis

by Zhou Yujun , Jiang Dawei

ABSTRACT: In order to investigate the relationship between injury and injury of the identified person, to determine the real disability of the identified person, to determine whether the fracture of ulna...

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One Case of Severe Head Injury Secondary to Multiple Organ Failure

by Jiang Dawei, Kang Li

ABSTRACT: To investigate the cause of death of the identified person, the causation between injury and disease was analyzed. This appraisal uses the forensic pathology examination method, through carries on...

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Chronic Neurobrucellosis Investigated via Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing

by Gang Zhao, Yun Zhang, Xiaodan Shi, Xiaofei Fei, Guodong Feng

ABSTRACT: We found that NGS technology has great significance for the diagnosis of brucellosis in non-epidemic area and can rule out other infections. The number of Brucella gene fragments detected by NGS...

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Application of Separation Hose Combined with MALDI-TOF MS for Direct Detection of BD BACTECTM FX and BacT/ALERT 3D Blood Culture Bottles

by Chengbin Li , Cui Chaoqiong, Zhou Yizheng

ABSTRACT: Objective to investigate the identification of positive blood culture specimens by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS). Methods from...

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Study on the Causes and Countermeasures of Medical Complaints during the Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Disease

by He Songyue, Guo Wenhong, Zhang Lu, Cui Zhangqing, Kong Lingjie

ABSTRACT: To investigate the medical complaints status and coping styles during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus diseases. Methods: 86 cases medical complaints of uninfected novel coronavirus disease,...

Open Access Article

Transient Hybridization between Different Hemoglobins Detected by Cross Electrophoresis

by Lihong Han , Yan bin, Su Yan, Gao Lijun, Zhou Lishe, Qin Wenbin, Qin Liangyi

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we aimed to introduce a new method in detecting transient hemoglobin (Hb) hybrids. First, electrophoretic pure HbA, HbA 2 , HbF and HbA 1 were prepared by starch–agar mixed gel,...