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The Journal of Higher Education Research is an international and open accessed journal that publishes study results of educational development, policy or emerging issues throughout postsecondary education institutions. The scope of topics addressed is broad, encompassing institutional system and reform, comparative analysis of international higher education, faculty education and development, curriculum design and teaching innovation, higher education and talents cultivation, vocational education and other particular problems or issues. The journal encourages submissions from international scholars, researchers, teachers or institutional leaders and aims to provide a platform for exchanging of research results, innovative and authoritative perspective and insights on higher education development.

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Research Based on the Application of Geographic Information System of Prehistoric Archeology in China

by Shidong Pei, Qihang Wang

ABSTRACT: Geographic information system is an important system for geographic data analysis and processing. It involves disciplines in different fields and forms effective geographic information system...

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The GIS Principles and Applied Teaching Combined with that of the Urban Design Courses

by Xixuan Fan , Yan Xiao

ABSTRACT: With the rapid development of information technology, all industries have entered the era of big data. As an important tool for data processing and analysis, GIS has gradually become an important...

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Problems with the Graph Data in Hainan Island Chronicles Version 2004

by Ge Wu

ABSTRACT: Among all of the historical data given in Hainan Island Chronicles, obviously the charts hold the highest value. The data in those charts provides the very basis for the study of Hainan...

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The Impact of Neoliberalism on Transnational Higher Education in China

by Sijia Chen

ABSTRACT: Neoliberalism is a set of political, economic, cultural and social force. Its theory emphasizes efficiency and believes that efficiency can be best achieved in the “free market” with minimal...

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Research Based on the Police Teaching of UAV Course in Public Security Colleges

by Qi Zhao

ABSTRACT: As drones are more widely used in warfare, their role in warfare is also becoming more and more important. However, compared with the popular high-tech research of drones such as remote sensing,...

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How New Media and ICTs Enable the Networking Logics Through Which Activists Develop their Concrete Goals, Demands, Identities, and Values in a Global Context

by Qijie Ruan

ABSTRACT: New media and information communication technologies (ICTs) have provided new tools for activism and social movements. On the one hand, new media and ICTs offer new space for activists to...

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Promoting the Teachers' Development by Carrying out International Education Cooperation Project

by Xingzhi Li

ABSTRACT: The paper discusses the principle of promoting the teachers' development by carrying out international education cooperation project, implement method of training, how to make better use of...

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An Analysis of Interlanguage Features and English Learning

by Lingling Fan, Wang Xin

ABSTRACT: The term interlanguage was first used by American linguist, Larry Selinker (1972). It is the unique linguistic system because it is neither L1 nor L2 but at the same time bears resemblances to...

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Studies on the Development of Children's Social Interaction and the Family Relations

by Keyan Zhao

ABSTRACT: With the rapid development of society and economy, there are growing problems in the relations among families.There have also been children's aggressive behaviour in some families. It is important...

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On the Path Rooted in the Combination of School Education and National Traditional Culture Education

by DeChuan Qi

ABSTRACT: The prosperity of a country and a nation is always supported by the prosperity of the culture. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires the development and prosperity of its...

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An Oral Test in English for Chinese Non-English Major Tertiary Level Students

by Xiaolu Xu

ABSTRACT: The study aims to develop items that test the speaking ability of Chinese Non-English major tertiary level students,to develop a rating scale for the speaking test and to determine the validity...

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Exploration and Practice of the Training Mode of New Engineering Talents Creative Practice Ability

by Jianyong Li, Jianfeng Li, Zhaoliang Jiang, Zhenjie Zhu, Wenbo Bi

ABSTRACT: Under the background of new engineering, according to the characteristics of engineering college students, we should cultivate high-level engineering talents with innovative practice ability to...