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Modern Economics & Management Forum publishes research and studies by academics, policy-makers and business professionals. The journal aims to provide an active and high effective forum for debate over solutions and analysis for economics and management to tackle critical problems and to present new perspective and insights for development. It covers a broad range of topics including but not limits to trade economic, industrial economics, economics and law, city economics, green economics, public and social management, human resource management, enterprise management. MEMF also welcomes application-oriented topics and discussion papers to provide space to opinions and innovative ideas. The journal publishes the following article types: original research paper, review article, application and discussion notes, sustainability news, book reviews.

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The Economic Transition Analysis of Resource-Dependent Cities

by Zenglong Qu

ABSTRACT: The Resource-dependent cities had made great contribution for the economic and social development for the regional economy progress. However, some of them are facing great crisis in the economic,...

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The Impact of Domestic and Foreign Environment on China's Economic Development

by Mengya Cao

ABSTRACT: In recent years, the financial crisis has affected the economies of all countries in the world. At that time, it seriously restricted the development of the world economy. From a modern...

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Research Based on China’s Foreign Exchange Reserve Management

by Wuyue Chai , Zhong Juan, Liu Yaqing

ABSTRACT: This article through the understanding of foreign exchange reserves and the understanding of China's foreign exchange reserve management issues, establish an econometric model to explore the...

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The Guarantee Strategy for Reliable Operation of the Precipitation with Mobile Electrode Electrostatic Technology

by Shukui Gao , Xie Biao

ABSTRACT: Research in view of the conventional electrostatic precipitator for ultra fine dust, dust ratio resistance and high viscosity difficult removal, secondary problems such as dust, and domestic...

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Discussion and Research on Audit Internal Control and Practice Construction Based on Risk Management

by Wenquan Shi

ABSTRACT: With the continuous development of China's market economy, how to make enterprises improve their internal audit control systems and strengthen audit risk management to deal with increasingly...

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The Cultural Psychological Motivations and Strategies for the Development of Cultural Industry: An Interpretation of Social Cultural Psychology Based on the Engel's Theorem

by Jianing Chen

ABSTRACT: The cultural industry is an industry that takes culture and creativity as the core of product design, faces the masses, and takes the cultural identity of the masses and the cultural and...

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Research on the Social Security Fund Risk Control and Management Measures Based on Cloud Audit and Big Data Era

by Tong Yi, Huizhen Long

ABSTRACT: Affected by the continuous development of China's national economy and other aspects, the number of people participating in social security and the amount of money in China have continued to...

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To What Extent are the Difficulties Around Appraising Job Performance Insurmountable?

by Haoran Shi

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, performance appraisal has been regarded as a critical method to evaluate employees. This article review about performance historical background and the frontier theory results,...

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Habit Formation, Public Capital Congestion Effect and Economic Growth

by Jianfang Liu

ABSTRACT: This paper constructs an endogenous growth model including habit formation and public capital congestion effect, and analyzes the influence of fiscal policy and public capital congestion effect on...

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What does a Project Manager Need to Know about Soft Skills?

by Jinzhao Tian 

ABSTRACT: In the face of ever-increasing globalisation,the question of how to manage project teams efficiently and successfully was never likely to be settled easily. It has been shown that 92% of project...

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China and South Korea Diplomatic Relations Present Status and Perspectives

by Li Yongmei

ABSTRACT: This study aims to discuss China and South Korea current well built strategic relationship and research on future diplomatic relations development direction. Theoretically frame of this paper is...