Correlates of Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse

  • Karlie E. Stonard University of Wolverhampton
Keywords: technology-assisted adolescent dating violence, adolescent dating violence


Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse (TAADVA) has recently been recognised as new form of violence. However, little is known about the potential risk factors for TAADVA victimisation/perpetration or whether they are similar to those identified for offline Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse (ADVA). This paper therefore examines the potential correlates of TAADVA victimisation only and perpetration-victimisation (vs. not involved). Findings are reported based on 277 12-18 year old British adolescents who had dated in the last year and completed a series of questionnaires. Findings highlight that correlates associated with ADVA are also related to TAADVA (e.g. past ADVA and having friends with experience of dating violence), however avoidant attachment insecurity was related to male TAADVA, which has not been identified before. Differences were found in some significant correlates for males and females. The findings highlight implications for addressing TAADVA and ADVA through education and awareness about healthy relationships, while considering factors that are associated with TAADVA involvement in prevention and intervention efforts.