Social Education Research, Volume 1 Issue 2 (2020)

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Environment Improvement: How Individual Efforts Lead to Community Participation

by Parul Goyal Wasan

ABSTRACT: The paper presents three case studies aimed at examining the factors relating to individual efforts within real life context in order to improve the sustainability of their environment, with the...

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Correlates of Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse

by Karlie E. Stonard

ABSTRACT: Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse (TAADVA) has recently been recognised as new form of violence. However, little is known about the potential risk factors for TAADVA...

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A Form of Unequal Playing Field? Referees and Bias in Officiating.

by Emmanuel Aboagye

ABSTRACT: The present study examined if subjective decisions by referees’ favour certain teams in the Ghanaian Premier League (GPL). To achieve this, a model was developed to analyse the total number of...

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Linking Teacher-Student Relationship to Academic Achievement of Senior High School Students

by Bismark Mensah, Eric Koomson

ABSTRACT: Students’ level of academic engagement and achievement at any level of education is partly knit to the kind of relationships that exist between them and their teachers. The study examined the...

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Relative Clause Formation in Akan Proverbs and Sentences: Similarities and Differences

by Isaac Oduro, Olivia Donkor

ABSTRACT: This paper discusses relative clause formation in Akan proverbs and normal sentences with particular attention to their similarities and differences. It explores the comparison of the relative...

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Including Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Regular Schools: A Mother’s Perspective

by Low Hui Min, Lee Lay Wah

ABSTRACT: Since the implementation of 'Educational Blueprint 2013-2025' and 'Zero Reject Policy' in Malaysia, there are increasingly efforts from the Malaysian Ministry of Education to include students...

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Barriers to Access and Enrollment for Children with Disabilities in Pilot Inclusive Schools in Bole District in Ghana

by Jacob Kudjo Adjanku

ABSTRACT: This study focused on inherent barriers that are there to the success of inclusion of children with disabilities in education in Bole District. The targeted population in this study involved...

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A Study of the Perceptions of Teacher Trainees Towards the Two-Year Teacher Education Programme Being Run in India

by Adit Gupta, Ruchi Rakwal

ABSTRACT: The present study assesses the perceptions of teacher trainees towards the two-year teacher education programme being run in Jammu (India). The Teacher Trainees Perceptions Assessment...

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English Reading Proficiency of Engineering Undergraduates in Malaysia: Implications on Professional Training and Career Development

by Hui Min Low, Abdul Rashid Mohamed, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

ABSTRACT: This paper reports the English reading proficiency of a sample of engineering undergraduates in a public university of Malaysia. A standardized online reading comprehension assessment, called...

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COVID-19 and E-Learning: the Challenges of Students in Tertiary Institutions

by Emmanuel Aboagye, Joseph Anthony Yawson, Kofi Nyantakyi Appiah

ABSTRACT: Problems associated with the transition from conventional learning (face to face) to online learning (e-learning) in the educational system are well documented. The present study explores the...

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The Role of Education in Shaping Parental Language Choices in a Multilingual Society

by Low Hui Min

ABSTRACT: In a multilingual society, the parents are faced with the need to make language choices when they interact with their young children. Even though language choices in bi-or multilingual families...