Advanced Energy Conversion Materials, Volume 3 Issue 1 (2022)

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Role of MXenes/Polyaniline Nanocomposites in Fabricating Innovative Supercapacitor Technology

by Dipanwita Majumdar

ABSTRACT: Versatile and exclusive electronic, optical, physicochemical, electrochemical and mechanical features of both conducting polymers and MXenes have stimulated global scientists to take serious...

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Synthesis of O3-Na0.8Fe0.6Mn0.3O2 Positive Electrode and Its Application to Sodium Ion Batteries

by M. Alam Khan

ABSTRACT: Herein, we report precise variation of Fe and Mn constituent in the sodium magnate layered cathodes with the compositions of Na 0.8 Fe 0.4 Mn 0.5 O 2 , Na 0.8 Fe 0.5 Mn 0.4 O 2 , Na 0.8 Fe 0.6 Mn...

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Single-Step Green Synthesis of Iron Nanoparticles in the Aqueous Phase for Catalytic Application in Degradation of Malachite Green

by Ajay Rathore, Vijay Devra

ABSTRACT: The goal of the research was to devise a simple and environment-friendly approach to synthesize iron nanoparticles (FeNPs) and evaluate the catalytic activity of biosynthesized FeNPs for the...