Outstanding Reviewer Award


The Artificial Intelligence Evolution(AIE) Outstanding Reviewer recognition is given annually to comment the top reviewers for their outstanding reviewing work over the past year. Award recognizes individuals who have provided exemplary efforts to assess the validity, quality and originality of manuscripts published by AIE. Outstanding Reviewers are those who provide excellent, prompt and productive feedback to authors for further improvement. Outstanding Reviewers are also those who frequently review for the journal, and who provide the Editors with constructive advice about the submissions they review.

Recipients of the AIE Outstanding Reviewer Award are recognized by the Editorial Office of Universal Wiser Publisher, Outstanding Reviewer Certificates are granted in recognition of their invaluable contribution to the progress of science and to extend our heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to them.

We recognize the following individuals as recipients of the Outstanding Reviewer Award:



K. M. Prabusankarlal, K.S.R. College of Arts & Science, India



Daowen Qiu, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Haozhen Situ, South China Agricultural University, China



Justice Kwame Appati, University of Ghana, Ghana

Laith Mohammad Abualigah, Amman Arab University, Jordan