Applied Microbiology: Theory & Technology,Volume 2 Issue 1 (2021), 1-36

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Investigation on the Efficiency of Effective Microorganisms for Polluted Water Treatment

by Mun Wei Se Hoo, Swee-Sen Teo

ABSTRACT: Water pollution, mainly caused by rapid industrialization and population growth, has been one of the major threats to the sustainability of living organisms. The urgency to preserve and restore...

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Synthesis, X-ray Structure and Evaluation of Bactericidal Activity of an o-vanillin Functionalized Schiff Base

by Prafullya Kumar Mudi, Smriti Pradhan, Amrita Sahu, Dipanwita Saha, Bhaskar Biswas

ABSTRACT: The present study reports the synthesis, crystal structure and evaluation of biological activities of a Schiff base, [L = (Z)-2-methoxy-6-(((2-methoxyphenyl) imino) methyl) phenol]. X-ray...

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Effective Microorganisms in Producing Eco-Enzyme from Food Waste for Wastewater Treatment

by Low Chin Wen, Regina Leong Zhi Ling, Swee-Sen Teo

ABSTRACT: The problem of food wastage is becoming an increasingly worrying topic as the world is heading towards sustainability to preserve the quality and the perseverance of life on Earth. Such food waste...