Special Issue: Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods in Applied Sciences


Special Issue Description

The integration of mathematical methods with various scientific research fields, such as engineering, business, medicine, neuroscience, Earth science, quantum computing, epidemiology, etc., represents the field of applied mathematics. This interdisciplinary trend has gained significant traction and has played a pivotal role in addressing challenges across diverse subjects. Hence it is necessary to explore the mathematical ideas that are related to applied sciences mathematically and need to find a more suitable mathematical methods that depict the real-world situations.

This Special Issue aims at advancing applied sciences mathematically and enhancing the overall research landscape in this interdisciplinary field. We welcome scholars and experts to contribute by sharing their recent research and ideas within the following topics with mathematicians worldwide.


Topics that are invited for submission includes (but are not limited to):

Advanced Analysis, Approximation Theory,Chaos Theory,Control Theory

Applied Algebra, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Modeling

Control and Robotics, Circuits and Networks Complexity Theory

Computability Theory, Computational Mechanics, Computer Mathematics, Computational Engineering

Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Sets and Logic, Game Theory, Graph Theory, Image/Signal Processing

Information Theory, Information Security Management

Inverse Problems, Linear and Nonlinear Programming,

Networking,Cryptography, Cyber Security

Numerical Analysis


Join us in exploring the latest developments in mathematical modeling and computational methods within applied sciences. Contribute to the progress of this dynamic field and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow mathematicians worldwide.


Lead Guest Editor

Dr. Raja Ramachandran

Email: antony.raja67@yahoo.com, rajarchm2012@yahoo.com

Homepage: http://www.alagappauniversity.ac.in

Affiliation:Ramanujan Centre for Higher Mathematics Alagappa University Alagappapuram, Karaikudi 630 004 Tamilnadu, India.


Guest Editors

Dr. J. Vimala

Email:  drvimaljey@gmail.com 

Homepage: http://www.alagappauniversity.ac.in

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics Alagappa University Karaikudi 630 0003 Tamil Nadu, India


Dr. G. Rajchakit

Email: griengkrai@yahoo.com 

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics & Statistics Faculty of Science Maejo University, Chiang Mai Thailand


Dr. Ovidiu Bagdasar

Email: ovidiubagdasar@gmail.com 

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics School of Computing & Engineering University of Derby, UK


Dr. A. Stephen

Email: stephenmaths2017@gmail.com 

Affiliation: School of Information and Control Engineering, Kunsan National University, Gunsan-si, Jeonbuk, The Republic of Korea


Dr. Sayooj Aby Jose

Email: sayooaby999@gmail.com 

Affiliation: Department of Statistics Seoul National University,The Republic of Korea


Submission information

Submit it online: http://ojs.wiserpub.com/index.php/CM/user/register

Or send it to the email address: wendy@universalwiser.com

Submission guideline



For any inquiries about this Special Issue, please contact the Editors via wendy@universalwiser.com.