Contemporary Approaches in Fractional Calculus Theory


Special Issue Description


Fractional calculus, a branch of mathematical analysis dealing with derivatives and integrals of non-integer order, has gained significant attention in contemporary mathematics. This special issue aims to explore novel perspectives and methodologies within fractional calculus theory, aligning with the scope of our journal's commitment to advancing various fields of mathematics.


Topics that are invited for submission includes (but are not limited to):


Theoretical foundations and fundamental properties of fractional derivatives and integrals.

Fractional differential equations, boundary value problems, and their solutions.

Numerical methods and computational algorithms for solving fractional differential equations.

Fractional calculus in function spaces, operator theory, and fractional-order systems.

Applications of fractional calculus in mathematical modeling, physics, engineering, biology, and other mathematical sciences.



We invite researchers to contribute original research articles, reviews, and perspectives addressing the aforementioned topics. Submissions may include theoretical developments, computational studies, experimental validations, and real-world applications. The ultimate aim of this special issue is to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among researchers from diverse backgrounds, leading to novel insights and advancements in understanding and controlling complex systems.



Guest Editor


Dr. Ali Akgül






Affiliation: Art and Science Faculty, Department of Mathematics, Siirt University, Siirt TR-56100, Turkey



Dr. Attia Nourhane






Affiliation: National High School for Marine Sciences and Coastal (ENSSMAL), Dely Ibrahim University Campus, Bois des Cars, B.P. 19, 16320, Algiers, Algeria.


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