Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2019), 1-53

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A Nullclines Approach to the Study of 2D Artificial Network

by Felix Sadyrbaev, Diana Ogorelova, Inna Samuilik

ABSTRACT: The system of two the first-order ordinary differential equations arising in the gene regulatory networks theory is studied. The structure of attractors for this system is described in...

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Approximate Solutions for Solving Fractional-order Painlevé Equations

by Mohammad Izadi

ABSTRACT: In this work, Chebyshev orthogonal polynomials are employed as basis functions in the collocation scheme to solve the nonlinear Painlevé initial value problems known as the first and second...

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Novel Exact Solitary Wave Solutions for the Time Fractional Generalized Hirota–Satsuma Coupled KdV Model Through the Generalized Kudryshov Method

by Mohammad Safi Ullah, Harun-Or-Roshid, M. Zulfikar Ali, Zillur Rahman

ABSTRACT: In the current article, the generalized Kudryshov method is applied to determine exact solitary wave solutions for the time-fractional generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled KdV model. Here, the...

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Numerical Approximation of Modified Non-linear SIR Model of Computer Viruses

by Samad Noeiaghdam

ABSTRACT: In this paper, the non-linear modified epidemiological model of computer viruses is illustrated. For this aim, two semi-analytical methods, the differential transform method (DTM) and the...

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Consequences of Holographic Dark Energy Cosmological Model in Gravity

by S. H. Shekh, V.R. Chirde, S. Raut

ABSTRACT: We have investigated the dynamics of spatially homogeneous Bianchi type-I (LRS) space-time filled with two minimally interacting fields-matter and holographic dark energy components with...