Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 1 Issue 4 (2020), 170-271

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Estimates for the Bounds of the Essential Spectrum of a 2 × 2 Operator Matrix

by Tulkin Rasulov, Elyor B. Dilmurodov

ABSTRACT: We consider a 2 × 2 operator matrix A μ , μ > 0, related to the lattice systems describing three particles in interaction, without conservation of the number of particles on a d-dimensional...

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Linear Codes Obtained from Projective and Grassmann Bundles on Curves

by E. Ballico

ABSTRACT: We use split vector bundles on an arbitrary smooth curve defined over F q to get linear codes (following the general set-up considered by S. H. Hansen and T. Nakashima), generalizing two quoted...

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Heat Kernel Approximation on Kendall Shape Space

by Riadh Mtibaa, Salam Khan

ABSTRACT: The heat kernel on Kendall shape subspaces is approximated by an expansion. The Kendall space is useful for representing the shapes associated with collections of landmarks'positions. The...

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Far-Field Behavior of Waves in Non-Ideal Magnetogasdynamics

by Ankita Sharma, Rajan Arora

ABSTRACT: We have presented a study on the far-field behavior of weak nonlinear waves in magnetogasdynamics. An asymptotic analysis is carried out for the study. An evolution equation is obtained by using...

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Extending the Convexity of Nonlinear Image of a Ball Appearing in Optimization

by Ioannis K. Argyros, Yeol Je Cho, Santhosh George

ABSTRACT: Let X, Y be Hilbert spaces and F : X → Y be Frechet differentiable. Suppose that F′ is center-Lipschitz on U ( w, r ) and F′ ( w ) be a surjection. Then, S 1 = F ( U ( w, ε 1 ))...

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Asymptotic Solutions of Fifth Order Overdamped-Oscillatory Nonlinear Systems

by Harun Or Roshid, M. Zulfikar Ali

ABSTRACT: Combo overdamp-oscillatory system plays an important role in natural phenomena in many engineering problems. In this paper, fifth order nonlinear damped-oscillatory differential system is studied...

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Monte Carlo Approach Towards Evaluating Random Number Generators Based on Mathematical Schemes Driven from Chua's Circuit

by Kasra Amini, Aidin Momtaz, Ehsan Qoreishi, Sarah Amini, Sanaz Haddadian

ABSTRACT: The philosophical nature of randomly generated quantities is widely discussed in the realms of chaos theory. Although, the fundamental premise of the chaos theory does not assume any random...

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An Example of the Generalized Fractional Laplacian on Rⁿ

by Chenkuan Li

ABSTRACT: Using the normalization of the fractional Laplacian (-△) s u ( x ) over the space C k ( R n ) for all s > 0 and s ≠ 1, 2, ···, we evaluate (-△) s e -|| x ||2  based on...

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On the Non-Uniqueness of the Sets Computing a Partially Symmetric Rank at Most Three

by Edoardo Ballico

ABSTRACT: We describe all partially symmetric tensors which have rank two in more than one way and gives many examples, perhaps all, for rank three partially symmetric tensors.