Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 1 Issue 5 (2020), 272-461

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Well-Posedness of the Second-Order SDEs Describing an N-Particle System Interacting via Coulomb Interaction

by Rong Yang

ABSTRACT: This paper concerns a second-order N interacting stochastic particle system with singular potential for any dimension n ≥ 2. By some estimates of total energy of the system, we prove that...

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Simultaneous Monomialization

by Julie Decaup

ABSTRACT: We give a proof of the simultaneous monomialization Theorem in zero characteristic for rings essentially of finite type over a field and for quasi-excellent rings. The methods develop the key...

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Formulation of Problems for Stationary Dispersive Equations of Higher Orders on Bounded Intervals with General Boundary Conditions

by N. A. Larkin , J. Luchesi

ABSTRACT: Boundary value problems for linear stationary dispersive equations of order 2 l + 1, l ∈ N with general linear boundary conditions have been considered on finite intervals (0, L ). The...

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Extended Local Convergence for High Order Schemes Under ω-Continuity Conditions

by Gus Argyros, Michael Argyros, Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George

ABSTRACT: There is a plethora of schemes of the same convergence order for generating a sequence approximating a solution of an equation involving Banach space operators. But the set of convergence criteria...

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Convergence of the Rosenau-Korteweg-de Vries Equation to the Korteweg-de Vries One

by Giuseppe Maria Coclite, Lorenzo di Ruvo

ABSTRACT: The Rosenau-Korteweg-de Vries equation describes the wave-wave and wave-wall interactions. In this paper, we prove that, as the diffusion parameter is near zero, it coincides with the Korteweg-de...

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Control in Inhibitory Genetic Regulatory Network Models

by D. Ogorelova, F. Sadyrbaev, V. Sengileyev

ABSTRACT: The system of two the first order ordinary differential equations arising in the gene regulatory networks theory is studied. The structure of attractors for this system is described for three...

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A New Class of Fifth and Sixth Order Root-Finding Methods with Its Dynamics and Applications

by Debasis Sharma, Sanjaya Kumar Parhi, Shanta Kumari Sunanda

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we deal with the construction, analysis and applications of a modified uniparametric family of methods to solve nonlinear equations in R. We study the convergence of new methods...

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On the Sums Running over Reduced Residue Classes Evaluated at Polynomial Arguments

by Mehdi Hassani, Mahmoud Marie

ABSTRACT: For a given polynomial G we study the sums φ m ( n ) := ∑ ′k m and φ G ( n ) = ∑ ′G ( k ) where m ≥ 0 is a fixed integer and ∑ ′ runs through all integers k with 1 ≤ k ≤ n...

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On Random Population Growth Punctuated by Geometric Catastrophic Events

by Thierry E. Huillet

ABSTRACT: Catastrophe Markov chain population models have received a lot of attention in the recent past. Besides systematic random immigration events promoting growth, we study a particular case of...