Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2021), 103-172

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A New Encryption Scheme Based on Groupring

by Saba Inam, Shamsa Kanwal, Rashid Ali

ABSTRACT: Security of some present day public key cryptosystem (PKC) is based on general linear groups as it is a good choice for developing such types of cryptosystems. This study presents various public...

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Solvency II, Undertaking Specific Parameters (USPs) Validation, Generalization and Criticism

by Alexandros Α. Zimbidis

ABSTRACT: This paper provides a deeper actuarial insight in the mathematics and algorithms described in Delegate Act 35/2015 of Solvency II legislative framework with respect to the determination of...

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Maximization Problems for Second Order Elliptic Equations

by Behrouz Emamizadeh, Yichen Liu, Giovanni Porru

ABSTRACT: We investigate the maxima in classes of rearrangements of some functionals associated with solutions to Dirichlet problems for second order elliptic equations.

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Structural Identifiability of Systems with Multiple Nonlinearities

by Nikolay Karabutov

ABSTRACT: The structural identifiability (SI) problem considers for dynamical systems with multiple nonlinearities under uncertainty. It shows the widely used paradigm based on a priori parametric...

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Existence Results for Fourth Order Non-Homogeneous Three-Point Boundary Value Problems

by R. Ravi Sankar, N. Sreedhar, K. R. Prasad

ABSTRACT: The present paper focuses on establishing the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the nonlinear differential equations of order four y (4) (t) + g(t, y(t)) = 0, t ∈ [a, b], together with the...