Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 2 Issue 3 (2021), 173-245

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Analytical Solutions of Two Space-Time Fractional Nonlinear Models Using Jacobi Elliptic Function Expansion Method

by Zillur Rahman, M. Zulfikar Ali, Harun-Or-Roshid, Mohammad Safi Ullah

ABSTRACT: In this manuscript, the space-time fractional Equal-width (s-tfEW) and the space-time fractional Wazwaz-Benjamin-Bona-Mahony (s-tfWBBM) models have been investigated which are frequently arises in...

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Spheroidal Domains and Geometric Analysis in Euclidean Space

by Garret Sobczyk

ABSTRACT: Clifford's geometric algebra has enjoyed phenomenal development over the last 60 years by mathematicians, theoretical physicists, engineers, and computer scientists in robotics, artificial...

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A Note on Evolution Algebras as Banach Algebras

by Rafael González-López, Juan Núñez-Valdés

ABSTRACT: With the objective of considering evolution algebras as Banach algebras, we show in this paper new results on normed evolution algebras obtained after the introduction of an evolution algebras...

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Linear General Position (i.e. Arcs) for Zero-Dimensional Schemes Over a Finite Field

by Edoardo Ballico

ABSTRACT: We extend some of the usual notions of projective geometry over a finite field (arcs and caps) to the case of zero-dimensional schemes defined over a finite field F q . In particular we prove that...

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Stabilizer Limits of Strongly Stable Triples

by Qian-Hu Zhou, Xue-Wu Chang

ABSTRACT: Let G be a finite group. We say that ( G, H, α ) is a strongly stable triple if H ≤ G , α ∈ Irr( H ) and (α G ) H is a multiple of α . In this paper, we study the quasi-primitivity,...