Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 2 Issue 4 (2021), 246-417

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Extending the Convergence of Two Similar Sixth Order Schemes for Solving Equations under Generalized Conditions

by Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George, Christopher I. Argyros

ABSTRACT: The applicability of two competing efficient sixth convergence order schemes is extended for solving Banach space valued equations. In previous works, the seventh derivative has been used not...

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Extending the Applicability and Convergence Domain of a Fifth-Order Iterative Scheme under Hölder Continuous Derivative in Banach Spaces

by Debasis Sharma, Sanjaya Kumar Parhi, Shanta Kumari Sunanda

ABSTRACT: The most significant contribution made by this study is that the applicability and convergence domain of a fifth-order convergent nonlinear equation solver is extended. We use Hölder condition on...

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On Global Inversion Theorems in the Plane

by Hong Ding


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Construction of Brauer-Severi Varieties

by Elisa Lorenzo García

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we give an algorithm for computing equations of Brauer-Severi varieties over fields of characteristic 0. As an example, we show the equations of all Brauer-Severi surfaces defined...

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Global Solutions for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation Posed on Unbounded 3D Grooves

by N.A. Larkin

ABSTRACT: Initial boundary value problems for the three-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation posed on unbounded 3D grooves (that may serve as mathematical models for wildfires) were considered. The...

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An Existence Result for a Class of Coupled Polyharmonic Systems

by Zeineb Ben Yahia, Zagharide Zine El Abidine

ABSTRACT: This work deals with the existence of positive continuous solutions for a nonlinear coupled polyharmonic system. Our analysis is based on some potential theory tools, properties of functions in...

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Existence of Solutions for a Quasilinear System with Gradient Terms

by Leandro S. Tavares

ABSTRACT: In this paper, it is considered the existence of solutions for a quasilinear system involving the p -Laplacian operator and gradient terms. The approach is based on sub-supersolution arguments...

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Seven Hundreds of Exotic ₃F₂-Series Evaluated in π, √2 and log(1 + √2)

by Wenchang Chu

ABSTRACT: By means of the linearization method, a nonterminating exotic 3 F 2 -series with five free integer parameters is reduced to particular instances of a known Ω ( x , y ) function. With a help of...

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Retraction: [Numerical Solution to Unsteady One-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Problems Using Compact Difference Schemes Combined with Runge-Kutta Methods]

by Zhenwei Zhu, Junjie Chen

ABSTRACT: Retraction Note: Volume 3, Issue 3, CM-1691   DOI:     The convection-diffusion equation is of primary importance in understanding transport...

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The Net Laplacian Spectra of Signed Complete Graphs

by Li Ou, Yaoping Hou, Zhuang Xiong