Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 3 Issue 1 (2022), 1-80

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On the Power of Standard Information for Tractability for L₂- Approximation in the Randomized Setting

by Wanting Lu, Heping Wang

ABSTRACT: We study the approximation of multivariate functions from a separable Hilbert space in the randomized setting with the error measured in the weighted L 2 norm. We consider algorithms that use...

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On Simon's Conjecture

by Rita Gitik

ABSTRACT: We prove Simon's conjecture for 3-manifolds.

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A Mathematical Approach Towards Random Road Profile Generation Based on Chaotic Signals of Chua's Circuit

by Sina Milani, Aidin Momtaz, Sarah Amini, Kasra Amini, Shekoufeh Sadeghi, Ehsan Qoreishi, Sanaz Haddadian

ABSTRACT: In response to application demands in vehicle dynamics and control, traffic engineering, urban planning, and logistics, the generation of an adequate artificial road profile in terms of the...

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The Impact of Media Coverage on Obesity

by Séverine Bernard, Ténissia Cesar, Alain Pietrus

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we develop a deterministic compartmental model for the obesity dynamics. Contrary to other contributions on this subject we explore the impact of the media on the spreading of this...

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Explicit Solution for a Family of Hermann Riccati Differential Equations

by Daniele Ritelli

ABSTRACT: This paper deals with a parametric family of ordinary differential equations originated by an ancient geometric problem posed in 1719 by the Swiss mathematician Jakob Hermann (1678-1733) and...