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Digital Manufacturing Technology is an interdisciplinary publication that involves manufacturing technology, computer technology, network technology and management science and mainly focuses on the innovative research results of the theory, technology and application of mechanical manufacturing and intelligentization.

The topics include but are not limited to: digitization of manufacturing equipment, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering analysis, computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided process planning, product database management, reverse engineering technology, and so on.

Contributions of research papers, research notes, short communications, and critical reviews across the broad field of digital manufacturing technology from both academia and industry are equally encouraged. 

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Maximum Utilization in Operations Scheduling for Multiple Machines and Batches in Additive Manufacturing

by Salvador Castillo-Rivera

ABSTRACT: Scheduling and sequencing are forms of decision making that present a fundamental role in Additive Manufacturing (AM). This work studies the scheduling for a set of three-dimensional (3D) printers...

Open Access Article

An Internal Model-Based PID Control for Smart Shot Peening Operation

by V. B. Nguyen, T. Ba, A. Teo, K. Ahluwalia, A. Aramcharoen, C. W. Kang

ABSTRACT: Current control systems for the shot peening operation merely rely on old technologies, which often require repetitive processes to obtain pre-validated Almen systems to guide industrial...

Open Access Article

Maturity Assessment of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process Chain Modelling and Simulation

by Anas Yaghi, Shukri Afazov, Matteo Villa

ABSTRACT: This paper presents case studies of additive manufacturing process chains including laser powder bed fusion and post-processes. The presented case studies are used to assess the maturity of the...

Open Access Article

Concept for the Urban Production of Pharmaceuticals to Compensate for Local Shortages

by Joachim Berlak, Tobias Götz

ABSTRACT: Long and complex supply chains are one of the main reasons for drug shortages. The COVID-19 pandemic and abrupt global lockdown have highlighted how precarious the global pharmaceutical market...

Open Access Article

An Industry 4.0 Training Framework Addressing ‘COVID-19 Type’ Disruptions on Manufacturing

by Jonathan Borg, Emmanuel Francalanza, Erwin Rauch, Goran Putnik, Catalin Amza, Magnus Lundgren , Catia Alves, Mark S. Zammit, Pierre Vella

ABSTRACT: Although digitization in the manufacturing industry has been going on for some years, the recent COVID-19 pandemic helped reveal a number of bottlenecks and challenges that still need to be...