Digital Manufacturing Technology

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Digital Manufacturing Technology is an interdisciplinary publication that involves manufacturing technology, computer technology, network technology and management science and mainly focuses on the innovative research results of the theory, models, solutions, methodologies and algorithms, technology, and application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing.

The topics include but are not limited to computer-integrated manufacturing systems, human-robot collaborative manufacturing, big data analytics in manufacturing, 3D printing, Industry 4.0, and so on.

Contributions of research papers, research notes, short communications, and critical reviews across the broad field of digital manufacturing technology from both academia and industry are equally encouraged.

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Open Access Article

GA-AHP Method to Support Robotic Polishing Process Planning

by Ke Wang, Lian Ding, Farid Dailami, Jason Matthews

ABSTRACT: The finishing stage of mould manufacturing is generally completed via mechanical polishing and manually conducted. Not only is this the most expensive phase of the process but also is currently...