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With the main research interests being engineering science and engineering technology, Engineering Science & Technology aims to disseminate the latest scientific theories, research results, and innovative methods among scientists and engineers from engineering disciplines.

The journal covers a broad spectrum of engineering sciences and technologies: Engineering physics, Mechanical engineering, Computational engineering, Engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer, Engineering psychology, Engineering management, Engineering bionics, Informatics and bioinformatics, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Agricultural engineering, Chemical and metallurgical, Energy and mining, Materials engineering, Aerospace, Electronics, Photonics engineering, Communication engineering, Resource-saving technologies, Mechatronics, Operational engineering.

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A Comprehensive Survey of Post-Quantum Cryptography and Its Implications

by Bharat S. Rawal, Anjan Biswas

ABSTRACT: Cryptography has been in existence since before the advent of computers. It encompasses a variety of techniques designed to secure information, whether it is at rest or in transit. Symmetric key...

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Condition Synthesis and Performance of Alkali-Activated Composites Incorporating Clay-Based Materials – A Review

by Rodrigue Cyriaque Kaze

ABSTRACT: Studies over the years have shown that alkali-activated composite (AAC) binders are viable alternatives to conventional Portland cement (PC) composites. However, the increasing interest in AACs...

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Effect of Size on Cooling Kinetics of Spherical Samples from Different Grades of Aluminum

by Z. Nizomov, I. Turakhasanov, R. Kh. Saidzoda, D. Nematov

ABSTRACT: The influence of the size of spherical specimens of different aluminum grades (A0, A5, A6, AB98, and A5N) on their characteristic cooling times and heat transfer coefficients in a wide temperature...

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Numerical Approach for Nonlinear Dynamics Simulation of Belt-Pulley XY Positioning Mechanism

by M. R. Homaeinezhad, M. M. Ebrahimi

ABSTRACT: In this article, the kinematics and dynamics of the CoreXY mechanism are explored, taking into account the motion of the collar plate. Within such mechanisms, the role of friction in the system...

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An Efficient Approach to the Simulation-Based Sensitivity Analysis of Building Performance: OPAT-based LSA and Sobol-based GSA

by Masoud Nasouri, Navid Delgarm

ABSTRACT: This work presents a new efficient approach to the simulation-based sensitivity analysis (SBSA) of building performance. To this end, through a new initiative, the whole building energy simulation...

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A Fresh Perspective on the Concatenation Model in Optical Fibers with Kerr Law of Self-Phase Modulation

by Anwar Ja'afar Mohamad Jawad, Anjan Biswas, Yakup Yıldırım, Ali Saleh Alshomrani

ABSTRACT: The current work revisits the concatenation model having Kerr law of self-phase modulation and takes a fresher look with three different forms of integration technologies. The extended simple...

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Bitter Kola (Garcinia Kola): Exploring Its Uncharted Territory in Polymer Composites-A Pathway to Enhanced Mechanical Attributes and Sustainable Innovation

by D. A. Ekpechi, O. N. Oguoma, O. C. Nwufo, E. N. Ozuruoha, C. C. Nnadozie, D. Ikegbunam, N. I. Ezeaku

ABSTRACT: This study unveils the hitherto unexplored mechanical attributes and chemical composition of bitter kola ( Garcinia kola ), shedding light on its promising role as a constituent in polymeric...

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Simulation of Automotive Components to Optimize Best Application from Different Grades of Steel Using Finite Element Method (FEM)

by Amarjeet Kumar Singh, D. Satish Kumar

ABSTRACT: The automotive industry has been continuously striving to reduce weight in order to improve fuel efficiency and enhance safety. One approach to achieve this is by utilizing high-strength...

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Influence of the Height Value of Cylindrical Specimens of Copper Grade M3 on the Kinetics of Their Cooling and Heat Transfer Processes

by Z. Nizomov, S. Sodatdinov, R. Kh. Saidzoda, D. Nematov

ABSTRACT: The paper presents the results of the influence of height values on the kinetics of their cooling and heat transfer processes of cylindrical samples made of copper M3 grade with a diameter of 1.0...

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Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hybrid Rice Husk/Kenaf Reinforced Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)/High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Blends/Composites

by Emmanuel Duniya Kambai, Inuwa Mohammed Ibrahim, Hauwa M. Mustafa

ABSTRACT: Polymer blends offer corrosion resistance, lightweight properties, and toughness, which are vital for fuel economy in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Rice husks and kenaf fiber enhance...

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Application of Quantitative Models for Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency and Mitigating Risks in Water Tank Manufacturing Industry Nigeria

by N. I. Ezeaku, D. A. Ekpechi, C. C. Chiabuotu, E. I. Nwankwo, R. I. Olum, F. N. Jerome

ABSTRACT: The study investigates quantitative models for analyzing the supply chain risks associated with a water tank manufacturing company's facility in Aba, Abia State. Aba, renowned for its bustling...

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Effect of Radiation on Casson Hybrid Nano-fluid Flow over an Inclined Surface Using Blasius Rayleigh-Stokes Variable: Application in Solar Aircraft

by Olayinka Akeem Oladapo, Olusegun Adebayo Ajala, Akintayo Oladimeji Akindele, Adebowale Martins Obalalu

ABSTRACT: Solar energy is the most important heat source from the sun, with photovoltaic cells, solar power plates, photovoltaic lights, and solar pumping water being widely used. This study looks at solar...

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PiRATe: A Comprehensive Set of Statistical Tests for Evaluation of Quantum Random Number Generators

by Soheil Hajibaba, AmirHosein Dadahkhani, Hamid Asgari, Majid Khodabandeh, Seyed Ahmad Madani

ABSTRACT: As true random numbers are essential for many applications, high-quality Random Number Generators (RNGs) are highly demanded. Several different statistical test suites have been developed to...

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Use of Commercial Starch, Starches Derived from Cassava, Potato, and Yam as Additives for Synthesising Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Composites

by Cedrick Mbiakop Dieuhou, Amadou Oumarou Amadou, Hervé Kouamo Tchakouté, Charles Peguy Nanseu-Njiki, Claus Henning Rüscher, Pengkun Hou

ABSTRACT: The main objective of this work is to investigate the use of different starch sources (yam, sweet potato, cassava, and commercial starch) as additives for the production of metakaolin-based...

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Influence of Starch Powder on Compressive Strength and Microstructural Properties of Geopolymer Composite Materials Based on Metakaolin

by Cedric M. Dieuhou, Herve K. Tchakoute, Alexis N. Kamlo, C. P. Nanseu-Njiki, Claus H. Rüscher

ABSTRACT: The main objective of the present study is the investigation of the behaviour of starch powder incorporated at different levels (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 wt%) on the compressive strength and...

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Design and Implementation of a Charge Controller for Solar PV Systems for Emergency Situations in Health Facilities in Rural Areas of Uganda

by David Kibirige, Afam Uzorka, Mundu Muhamad Mustafa , Kelechi John Ukagwu

ABSTRACT: This paper presents the design and implementation of a solar charge controller system (SCCS) for emergencies in health facilities located in rural areas of Uganda. The SCCS is a Direct Current...

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Contribution to the Optimization of the Energy Efficiency of Fixed Collector Panel and Solar Tracking Systems Aimed at Technical-Economic Forecasting

by Boaz Wadawa, Joseph Yves Effa, Youssef Errami, Abdellatif Obbadi

ABSTRACT: The objective of the study is to establish a decision support and design tool that will minimize the costs of installation and maintenance of solar collection systems while guaranteeing efficient...