Engineering Science & Technology, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2020), 1-52

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Some Experimental Aspects of Grinding Soft Steel Under Different Machining Conditions

by Mohammadjafar Hadad, Alireza Sharbati

ABSTRACT: In this study, the effects of dressing parameters, wheel topography and machining environment on grinding performance of soft steel are investigated. To generate different grinding wheel...

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Blast Resistant Structure Using Steel Hollow Sections

by Arup  Saha Chaudhuri, D Sarkar

ABSTRACT: The number of terrorist attacks increased in the last few years, so the effect of blast loads on structures become an important matter which should be taken into consideration in the design and...

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Congestion Management in Deregulated Electricity Market with Generator Sensitivity Effects

by Ali Ghasemi

ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a novel modified virus colony search (MVCS) algorithm to solve congestion management (CM) problem in the deregulated electricity market considering generator sensitivity and...

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Springback Analysis of AA5754 under Warm Stamping Conditions

by Ailing Wang, Kai Zhong, Omer El Fakir, Chaoyang Sun, Jun Liu, Li-Liang Wang

ABSTRACT: Prediction of springback has been thoroughly investigated for cold forming processes; however with the rising prominence of lightweight materials and new forming technologies, predicting...

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Multi-objective Optimization of Welding Parameters of Pulsed Current Micro Plasma Arc Welded AISI 904L Super Austenitic Steel

by M. Sailaja, K. Ramji

ABSTRACT: In the present work, AISI 904L super austentic steel sheets of 0.4mm thick is butt welded using Micro Plasma Arc Welding. Welding input parameters like peak current, base current, pulse rate and...