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Green Building & Construction Economics is an open access multidisciplinary journal dedicated to research publication in all aspects of sustainability and economics in architecture, construction, property management, smart buildings, building energy consumption, urban planning and other related fields. 

Contributions of original research papers, reviews, case studies, commentaries and technical notes from both academia and industry are equally encouraged. An essential criterion for acceptance of research articles in Green Building & Construction Economics is the provision of new knowledge and understanding or comprehensive overview on this rapidly developing research field.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Towards Net-Zero Energy Consumption with Near Net-Zero Initial Cost: A Case Study from Georgia, USA

by Hussein Abaza, Amaal Al Shenawa

ABSTRACT: This research presents a case study of a single-family home in Georgia, United States, that achieves near net-zero energy costs for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system...

Open Access Article

Enhancing the Streetscape of Sidewalks for Sustainability and Liveability in Shared Streets

by Dalia Mohamed Fawzy Omar Ibrahim

ABSTRACT: The urgent call for resilient, sustainable cities took place in promoting sustainable development to be achieved by 2030, especially in Egypt’s agenda, and meeting users’ needs through safe and...

Open Access Article

Analytical Study for Assessment of the Green Urban Spaces, Ain Bouaroua Public Garden, Setif, Algeria

by Safa Boudab, Abderrahmane Diafat, Said Madani

ABSTRACT: Urban green space offers physical and sensory satisfaction, hence the importance of realizing that a simple wooded area, even randomly scattered, is not enough to provide an ideal urban setting....

Open Access Article

Public Gardens and Well-Being: The Case of the Raffaoui Archaeological Garden of Setif, Algeria

by Imane Meziane, Said Madani, Azzouz Diafet

ABSTRACT: The existence of a space dedicated to nature and gardens in the city enhances the living environment of its inhabitants, preserves biodiversity, and limits urban pollution. This work is based on...

Open Access Article

Metaverse in Architecture: An Approach to Documenting and Exploring the Egyptian Heritage Through Metaverse

by Ashraqat Khaled Al-Tabeeb, Abeer Ahmed Al-Desouqi

ABSTRACT: Architecture has significantly relied on expansive visualization tools that have developed throughout the years, starting from preliminary drawings and manual rendering to three-dimensional (3D)...

Open Access Article

Proposed Post-Pandemic Design Guidelines for Design Districts

by Omar Ahmed Zahran, Salma Mohamed Roushdy, May Fakhri Kassem, Arig Amin Hussein, Habiba Raafat Elshimy, Mona Hassan Sakr, Ashraf Mansour Habib Mansour

ABSTRACT: This paper delves into bridging the gap between theory and implementation in the context of post-pandemic workplace design. It examines challenges and solutions in translating theoretical...