Green Building & Construction Economics, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2020), 1-95

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2D-CFD Analyses of Flow Controlling Plates on Gable Roof Geometry Cross-Sections for Light Air to Strong Breeze Wind Speed Classifications-an Unsteady RANS Approach

by Kasra Amini, Alireza Mani

ABSTRACT: The flow field analysis has been numerically performed on the effectiveness of a flow control mechanism called the Flow Controlling Plate (FCP) on buildings. For this purpose, the gable roof...

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A Review of Values of Green Building at Building and City Scales

by Le Thi Kieu, Stefan Schäfer

ABSTRACT: Green Building is the term used for the buildings characterized by a higher energy and water efficiency, a lower use of natural resources and materials compared to the conventional buildings and...

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The Effects of Acidic and Basic Pumice on Physico-Mechanical and Durability Properties of Self-Compacting Concretes

by Hasan Erhan Yücel, Hatice Öznur Öz, Muhammet Güneş

ABSTRACT: In this study, properties of self-compacting concretes (SCCs) containing acidic and basic pumice (AP-BP) was investigated. SCCs incorporating AP-BP (SCCAs-SCCBs) were produced with constant slump...

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Spatial and Security Organisation of Court Buildings: An Assessment of Selected High Court Buildings in Nigeria

by Olusola Oladapo Makinde

ABSTRACT: Within the context of functional efficiency, this study assesses the spatial organisation and security of court building in Southwest Nigeria as a panacea to a design proposal for an ideal high...

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3D-CFD Study of Oblique Streamlining Membranes on the Roof-Top of a Low-Rise Building, Targeting Pedestrian Comfort-A Case Study

by Alireza Mani, Kasra Amini

ABSTRACT: Considering the cubic nature of the most frequent geometries among the urban elements and their configurations, the manipulation of the free stream wind flow around the enormous objects, as well...