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Global Economics Science is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that encourages multidisciplinary research and aims to publish high quality original articles, both theoretical and empirical, which contribute significantly to the body of knowledge, using scientific research methods. The journal is severed as a platform for academics and practitioners around the world to share their latest advancements in all areas of global economics including economics, finance, international trade, and related topics.

In particular, Global Economics Science encourages submissions in subject areas that are widely studied, including economic theories, economics philosophy, economic law and policy, accounting, international economics, monetary banking and finance, and other contemporary economic issues facing the world economy, as well as regions and countries. See more...

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Open Access Article

A Comparative Research of Stock Price Prediction of Selected Stock Indexes and the Stock Market by Using Arima Model

by Nayab Minhaj, Roohi Ahmed, Irum Abdul Khalique, Mohammad Imran

ABSTRACT: Stock prices are a really challenging and obscure task that requires tremendous efforts while the nature of the stock market is arbitrary and uncertain. Stock estimation is such an important topic...

Open Access Article

Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Community and Campus Based on Questionnaire-Taking Tianjin University Students and the Elderly as Examples

by Jinzheng Li, Haonan Chen

ABSTRACT: With the gradual improvement of the supply chain and the rapid development of the e-commerce economy, community e-commerce and campus e-commerce is getting closer to daily life. The outbreak of...