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Global Economics Science is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that encourages multidisciplinary research and aims to publish high quality original articles, both theoretical and empirical, which contribute significantly to the body of knowledge, using scientific research methods. The journal is severed as a platform for academics and practitioners around the world to share their latest advancements in all areas of global economics including economics, finance, international trade, and related topics.

In particular, Global Economics Science encourages submissions in subject areas that are widely studied, including economic theories, economics philosophy, economic law and policy, accounting, international economics, monetary banking and finance, and other contemporary economic issues facing the world economy, as well as regions and countries. See more...

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Open Access Article

Subsidy Policies of Agricultural Producer Service and Wage Inequality in Developing Economy

by Fangfang Cheng, Dianshuang Wang

ABSTRACT: This study examines the effects of subsidy policies of agricultural producer service on wage disparity while taking into account the modernization of small-scale farming in developing nations. Due...

Open Access Article

Socio-Economic Factors of Mobile Money in Pakistan

by Ijlal Mansoor

ABSTRACT: World technologies have changed the perspective of a consumer; at one time, people need more time to travel than communicate with long-distance living relatives. The telecommunication industry has...