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Global Economics Science is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that encourages multidisciplinary research and aims to publish high quality original articles, both theoretical and empirical, which contribute significantly to the body of knowledge, using scientific research methods. The journal is severed as a platform for academics and practitioners around the world to share their latest advancements in all areas of global economics including economics, finance, international trade, and related topics.

In particular, Global Economics Science encourages submissions in subject areas that are widely studied, including economic theories, economics philosophy, economic law and policy, accounting, international economics, monetary banking and finance, and other contemporary economic issues facing the world economy, as well as regions and countries. See more...

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Covid-19 and the Environmental Concerns in India: Repercussions and Sustainable Recovery

by Annie Mahajan, Rinnie Mahajan

ABSTRACT: Coronavirus disease has wrecked the lives of people globally. Countries have resorted to several restrictive measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. It has created a standstill in the...

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Comparison Reviews on E-commerce Research Methods: Suggestions for Post-COVID-19

by Zhongwu Zhang, Tian Jin, Robert M. X Wu

ABSTRACT: This research aimed to understand the differences in research methods adopted between Chinese and international e-commerce research and provided suggestions and recommendations for further...

Open Access Article

Electromobility Market: Perspectives and Risks

by Natallia Yankevich, Stsiapan Yankevich

ABSTRACT: The widespread adoption of electromobility is now considered as one of the possible approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. However, the implementation of this task...

Open Access Article

Indo-Pacific Strategy and India's Opportunities and Challenges for Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration: An Exploratory Review

by Falendra Kumar Sudan

ABSTRACT: The paper intends to analyze the implications of the Indo-Pacific (IP) and the Indo-Pacific Strategy (IPS) from the perspectives of major world powers and India's relevance in the Indo-Pacific...

Open Access Article

Climate Change and Livelihood Vulnerability of Rural Households: A Case Study from Doda District of Jammu and Kashmir, India

by Shayan Javeed

ABSTRACT: The study of vulnerability arising due to climate change is one of the most important aspects which requires a comprehensive discussion and understanding. The Vulnerability was originally...

Open Access Article

Perception of the Users Regarding the Water Delivery for Domestic Purposes in Jammu City: A Human Rights Based Approach

by Annie Mahajan, Prakash C. Antahal

ABSTRACT: The situation of domestic water supply is grim in Jammu City. The crisis is attributed to the city's high functionality and massive population burden. This has led to several unallocated...

Open Access Article

Climate Change and Fuel Wood Energy Use in Cold Desert of Drass in the Himalaya, India

by Falendra Kumar Sudan, R. K. Ganjoo, Sheetal Verma

ABSTRACT: This paper has identified the impacts of climate change on fuel wood energy use in Drass, District Kargil, Ladakh in the Himalayan region and drawn the policy implication to improve the...