Global Economics Science, Volume 5 Issue 1(2024), 1-63

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Impact of Human Capital Development and Economic Growth on Global Competitiveness

by Nayab Minhaj, Roohi Ahmed

ABSTRACT: The focus of this study is on the growing importance of human capital development in a number of developed, emerging, and developing countries, including Pakistan. The panel data analysis uses...

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The Impact of Technological Advancement on Unemployment in Turkey

by Chibuikem Dibor Alfred, Mehdi Seraj, Huseyin Ozdeser

ABSTRACT: Technological advancements have been reshaping industries and economies worldwide. As technology evolves, questions arise about its impact on employment. This study aims to investigate the...

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Impact of Human Capital Development on Economic Progress: A Panel Data Analysis by Using Classical and Bayesian Estimates

by Nayab Minhaj, Roohi Ahmed, Qasim Shah

ABSTRACT: This comparative research debates a magnified role of human capital development in selected developed, developing economies and less developing economies, including Pakistan. Between 1990 and...

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Relative Prices and the Macroeconomy: A Literature Review

by Oluremi Ogun

ABSTRACT: This paper provides a review of the literature on the importance of relative prices in economic dynamics, focusing on three such prices: the relative price of one good/service to another, the...