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Journal of Operations and Management Research (JOMR) encompasses the various areas of interdisciplinary study in aspects of operations management research. JOMR aims to publish leading-edge, innovative research that has the potential to significantly advance the field of operations and management research, theoretically and practically. It describes the basis in decision-making, finds the best solutions to complex problems and achieves the maximum levels of effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. JOMR's mission is to make all the articles accessible to readers working on exploring the operations management, from planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services and academic research sectors in the national economy creatively effective methods to solve practical problems and experience. All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed and published as Open Access articles.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Influencing Factor Analysis for the Implementation of Transport Research Results

by Athanasios Giannopoulos

ABSTRACT: This paper investigates the conditions and factors that influence the decision to proceed to the implementation of the results of a given research project and (eventually) produce innovation. It...

Open Access Article

Evaluating Supply Chain Network Designs: An Approach Based on SNA Metrics and Random Forest Feature Selection

by Sara Akbar Ghanadian, Saeed Ghanbartehrani

ABSTRACT: Supply chain network design is an important decision-making problem affecting the long-term profitability of firms. Evaluating the performance of supply chain network designs can help...

Open Access Article

Role of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Performance – A Context of Developing Country

by Reenu Maskey, Jiangang Fei, Hong-Oanh Nguyen

ABSTRACT: Purpose – This study aims at finding out how cost, quality, delivery and flexibility as supply chain performance (SCP) measures are affected by information sharing in the context of a developing...

Open Access Article

An Adapted Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Algorithm for Vehicle Routing

by Gulcin Dinc Yalcin, Nihal Erginel

ABSTRACT: The vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a well-known problem in the logistics sector. In this study, two objectives, minimizing the total distance and maximizing the saving value, were considered in...