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Pressed Phosphate Materials Using Dispersed Rocks

by Oleh Bordiuzhenko

ABSTRACT: The possibility of contact hardening of dispersed rocks after their acid activation by phosphoric acid is shown. The parameters of pressing, content and concentration of phosphoric acid, as well...

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Development of multilayer PVA-MMT and PVA-CS film structures by spin coating-assisted layer-by-layer technique: Effect of PVA, CS and MMT nanoclay orientation on oxygen barrier properties

by Frej Mighri

ABSTRACT: The orientation of biopolymer macromolecules and nanoclay, specifically Montmorillonite (MMT) nanoplatelets, plays a crucial role in controlling the properties of multi-layer film structures....

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Degree of Wettability and Aging of PVC and PET Polymers Treated by Plasma Immersion or Deposition

by Péricles Lopes Sant’Ana, Jose Roberto Bortoleto, Rafael Parra Ribeiro

ABSTRACT: The wettability, aging characteristics, and optical transmittance in the visible region following Plasma Immersion (PI) or Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) treatment of polymers were...

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Parameter Optimization Design of Plasma Arc Machining SS 304 Alloy by Means of Probabilistic Multi – objective Optimization

by Maosheng Zheng, Jie Yu

ABSTRACT: Plasma arc machining is an unconventional machining process, which is widely used to machine intricate part profiles of alloys with difficulty in general machine. In general, the surface...

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Effect of Magnetic and Thermal Parameters on the Reflected Waves in Generalized Magneto Thermoelastic Materials

by S. S. Singh, Shrabanika Boruah

ABSTRACT: The present paper is concerned with the problem of reflection of homogeneous plane waves from the free surface of a generalized magneto thermoelastic half-space. The phase speeds of corresponding...

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On Application of Burton-Prim-Slichter Equation in Calculations of Evaporation Refining

by Alexander Kravchenko

ABSTRACT: Using examples of substances with a simple base (Sb, Yb, Mg, Eu, Te, Zn, Cd, Be), the application of the Burton-Prim-Slichter equation is shown to assess the possibility of evaporative refining of...

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Role of Silk in Recent Advances of the Biosensors: A Mini-Review

by Orianaisy Gelis Gonzalez, Chenxin Gong, MD Imran Hossen, Xiayan Huang, Ziying Cui, Xueliang Xiao

ABSTRACT: A biosensor is a kind of analytical device that is composed of a biological recognition element associated with a mechanism for stopping and interpreting the signal obtained from the interaction...

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Construction of small Zn-air batteries by dendrite-free Zn electrodeposition using renewable electricity

by Vasiliki Premeti, Maria Katsaiti, Evangelos Papadogiannis, Vassilios Dracopoulos, Panagiotis Lianos

ABSTRACT: In this work, the possibility to make small, handy but efficient Zn-air batteries has been studied. Battery anode has been constructed by dendrite-free Zn electrodeposition on conductive...

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Repurposing Single-Use Plastic Waste as Artificial Aggregates Partially Replacing the Natural Fine Aggregate in Concrete — A Review


ABSTRACT: There is a growing increase in the global consumption of plastic in recent times. Reutilization of plastic by recycling is a highly effective solution to manage the increasing plastic waste (PW)....

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Advanced Frequency Study of Thick FGM Cylindrical Shells by Using TSDT and Nonlinear Shear

by C.C. Hong

ABSTRACT: For the advanced frequency study of thick functionally graded material (FGM) circular cylindrical shells, it is interesting to consider the extra effects of nonlinear coefficient term in...