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Nanoarchitectonics is a peer-reviewed, open access and interdisciplinary journal that combines nanotechnology with the research fields of material science, supramolecular chemistry and bio-related sciences to create functional materials from nanoscale units. The aim is to promote understanding and progress of related fields and to discover novel insights. The journal publishes articles ranging from fundamental aspects to applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in material synthesis, structural fabrications, sensing, catalysts, environmental remediation, energy production and storages, device fabrications and biological/biomedical treatments thus bridging the gap between atomic and device scales in pursuit of new materials

Original research, reviews, short communications or letters, perspectives and other material deemed appropriate by the editors are mainly welcomed.


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Open Access Article

Properties of Electrosynthesized Cobalt Doped Zinc Selenide Thin Films Deposited at Varying Time

by Ezenwaka, L. N., Okoli, N. L., Okereke, N. A., Ezenwa, I. A., Nwori, N. A.

ABSTRACT: Time optimized cobalt-doped zinc selenide thin films have been successfully electrodeposited on fluorine-doped tin oxide substrates. The films were deposited at the varying time of 1 min, 3 mins,...

Open Access Article

Investigation of the Optical, Structural and Compositional Properties of Electrodeposited Lead Manganese Sulfide (PbMnS) Thin Films for Possible Device Applications

by Laz Nnaedozie Ezenwaka, Augustine Nwode Nwori, Ifeyinwa Euphemia Ottih, Ngozi Agatha Okereke, Nonso Livinus Okoli

ABSTRACT: The properties of PbMnS semiconductor thin films deposited on fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) substrate using an electrodeposition method are investigated to determine their possible device...

Open Access Article

Applicability of Spray Drying Technique to Prepare Nano-Micro Carriers: A Review

by Archana Mishra, Jitendra Kumar, Kuber Chandra Bhainsa

ABSTRACT: Nano-micro carriers loaded with drugs and active biomolecules have gained a lot of attention in the field of health care, agriculture, and the food industry. Various methods have been...