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Nanoarchitectonics is a peer-reviewed, open access, and interdisciplinary journal that combines nanotechnology with the research fields of material science, supramolecular chemistry, and bio-related sciences to create functional materials from nanoscale units. The aim is to promote understanding and progress of related fields and to discover novel insights. The journal publishes articles ranging from fundamental aspects to applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in material synthesis, structural fabrications, sensing, catalysts, environmental remediation, energy production and storage, device fabrications, and biological/biomedical treatments thus bridging the gap between atomic and device scales in pursuit of new materials.

Original research, reviews, short communications or letters, perspectives, and other material deemed appropriate by the editors are mainly welcomed.


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Siloxane-Silver Nanofluid as Potential Self-Assembling Disinfectant: A Preliminary Study on the Role of Functional Alkoxysilanes

by Atul Kumar Tiwari, Munesh Kumar Gupta, Govind Pandey, P. C. Pandey

ABSTRACT: Antimicrobial drug resistance among bacterial and fungal communities have been created a huge challenge for clinicians in treating infections. Conventional antibiotics get non-functional with time...