Call for papers


Nanoarchitectonics publishes original articles, research papers, review articles, communications and short notes that focus on, but not limited to, the following topics:


  • Synthesis and self-assembly of nanostructured materials and films;
  • Functionalization and size-dependent properties of nanocrystals, quantum dots and nanowires;
  • Processing and templating of nanotubes and nanoporous materials;
  • Tailoring of polymeric nanoparticles, organic-inorganic nanocomposites and biohybrids;
  • Fabrication of nano and micro electro mechanical systems;
  • Biomedical nanotechnology;
  • Design and engineering of structural and functional nanomaterials;
  • Nanosystems for biological, medical, chemical, catalytic, energy, information and communications and environmental applications;
  • Nanodevices for electronic, photonic, magnetic, imaging, diagnostic and sensor applications and their monolithic integration;
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials compounds;
  • Application of electrochemistry, optics, photoelectrochemistry, chemical synthesis, interface chemistry and biotechnology in nanoarchitectonics.


Submission Information

Submission deadline: 25th June, 2022

Please read the submission guideline for authors carefully before submitting manuscripts.

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Editorial Process

Preliminary assignment: within 3 days;

Peer review: 3-4 weeks;

Time for revision: 2 -4 weeks;

Final Decision: within 1 week;

Production: within 1 week.

From submission to final publication: 8-12 weeks.


Article Processing Charges

Universal Wiser has instituted a generous waiver policy for the journal of Nanoarchitectonics. Currently, it is completely free for authors to publish papers on this journal without processing charge or publication fee. Although, it is free for publication, please be noted that submitted manuscripts will be checked rigorously during editorial, reviewing and production process to ensure the quality and integrity of all the published articles.


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