Regional Economic Development Research, Volume 4 Issue 1 (2023), 1-66

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Assessment of Household Practices of Solid Waste Management in Jammu City, India

by Rinnie Mahajan, Falendra Kumar Sudan

ABSTRACT: The problem of Solid Waste Management (SWM) has gained recent attention in developing countries. The city of Jammu being a major city of Union Territory (UT) J&K, a prominent tourist and...

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Research on the Factors Influencing Digital Urban-Rural Sharing of Social Public Resources

by Fan Jiang, Feng Xue, Shiyu Xiao, Dan Yang

ABSTRACT: Digital urban-rural sharing of social public resources (SPRs) is an effective way to narrow the urban-rural gap and promote integrated urban-rural development. Applying the method of the Grounded...

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Subsidy of Land Rent and Wage Inequality in a Dual Agricultural Economy

by Dianshuang Wang, Xiaochun Li

ABSTRACT: Through the establishment of general equilibrium models with different development stages of modern agriculture, this paper examines the impact of subsidy on land rent in modern agriculture on the...

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Economic Implications of COVID-19 in African Countries: Looking Beyond the COVID-19 Era

by Tafadzwa Moyo, Keith Tichaona Tashu

ABSTRACT: Economic development or growth is interlinked with socio-political outcomes in any government. The outbreak of the COVID-19, a health crisis, across the globe coupled with policy responses...