Research Reports on Computer Science

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Research Reports on Computer Science mainly reports on innovative research results that cover novel theories, technologies and engineering applications in the fields of computer science and engineering. The journal considers contributions in the form of original research papers, short communications and review articles on cross-cutting theories, technologies and real-world applications in line with the journal scope.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: evolutionary computing, computer architecture, software engineering, database technology, big data processing, quantum computers, artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks, virtual reality, machine learning and automatic reasoning, Internet of Things and cloud computing, intelligent human-machine interface, soft computing, etc.

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Hybridization of Convolutional Neural Networks with Wavelet Architecture for COVID-19 Detection

by R. Manavalan, S. Priya

ABSTRACT: Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by perilous viruses. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) updated reports, the number of people infected with Coronavirus-2019...

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A Simple and Efficient Technique to Generate Bounded Solutions for the Generalized Assignment Problem: A Guide for OR Practitioners

by Francis J. Vasko, Anthony Dellinger, Yun Lu, Bryan McNally, Myung Soon Song

ABSTRACT: The generalized assignment problem (GAP) is a NP-hard problem that has a large and varied number of important applications in business and industry. Approximate solution approaches for the GAP do...

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Linked List Elimination from Hashing Methods

by Mahmoud Naghibzadeh, Bahram Naghibzadeh

ABSTRACT: Hashing has been used for decades in many fields such as encryption, password verification, and pattern search. Hash systems consist mainly of three components: the hash function, the hash table,...

Open Access Article

Multi-label Minimax Probability Machine with Multi-manifold Regularisation

by Sambhav Jain, Reshma Rastogi

ABSTRACT: Semi-supervised learning i.e., learning from a large number of unlabelled data and exploiting a small percentage of labelled data has attracted centralised attention in recent years....