Systematic Bioscience and Engineering, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2021), 1-66

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The Effects of Inoculation with Three Glomus Species on Growth and Pb Uptake by Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) in a Pb-Contaminated Soil

by Roya Zalaghi, Ali-Akbar Safari-Sinegani, Nasser Aliasgharzad

ABSTRACT: Increasing levels of hazardous heavy metals, which enter soil and water ecosystems have had a detrimental effect on global living organisms and needs special attention. The effect of inoculation...

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Bathymetric, Physicochemical and Microbiological Analyses of Sarikum Lake (Sinop-Turkey)

by Muhitdin Yilmaz, Elif Tezel Ersanli, İlke Ekizoğlu, Koray Özdemir, Alper Kadir Altay

ABSTRACT: Sarikum Lake located in the protected area of Sarikum Village boundaries of Sinop Province Central District was investigated in terms of bathymetric, physicochemical and microbiological aspects....

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A Comparative Review on Different Trophic Modes and Usable Carbon Sources for Microalgae Cultivation, Approaching to Optimize Lipid Production in Trade Scale

by Zahra Lari, Fatemeh Khosravitabar

ABSTRACT: Microalgae are considered as an outstanding feedstock to produce high value lipid products like biodiesel and biomedicine. Reaching commercial maturity in this field is possible in the case of...

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Current Progresses in the Development of Biosensors for the Diagnosis of Neglected Tropical Diseases

by Pedro Augusto de Freitas Borges, Wagner Augusto Fiel, Vitor Azevedo Vasconcellos, Ricardo Adriano Dorledo de Faria

ABSTRACT: The World Health Organization classifies neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in order to highlight the impact of these diseases on public health and as a tool to eradicate them. Due to its risk to...

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Seaweed-Based Interventions for Diabetic Complications: An Analytical Discourse

by Gour Gopal Satpati, Navonil Mal, Ruma Pal

ABSTRACT: Modern sedentary lifestyle has given rise to a number of health issues; diabetes mellitus is one of them, another worldwide emergency, which is usually attributed either by deficiency or by...