Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2021), 32-89

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Pure Hydrolyzable Cellulose from Rice Straw, Wheat Straw and Sugarcane Bagasse by a Simple Scalable Two-Step Treatment

by Asodekar Bhupal Ravindra, Wadekar Prathamesh Chandrashekhar, Patil Parmeshwar Shivajirao, Patil Mallikarjun Laxmiputra, Lali Mallinath Arvind

ABSTRACT: Utilization of amply available lignocellulosic biomass for a cost-effective conversion to renewable chemicals has proven more difficult than anticipated. Sustainable and viable fractionation of...

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Elucidating the Molecular Anatomy of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase in Brassica Rapa for Evolving Climate-Resilient Interventions to Minimize Carbon Footprints

by Chinmaya Kumar Das, Umasankar Nayak, Preetinanda Pati

ABSTRACT: Climate change is an emerging threat to food & nutritional security. It adversely affects crop production by altering the gene expression patterns of genes encoding for growth, development,...

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Purification of Crude Sodium Di-Uranate from Tummalapalle Source, India to Nuclear Grade Ammonium Di-Uranate Using Sulphamic Acid Dissolution Route

by Sujoy Biswas, Aswin Pradeep, Vijay Hiraman Rupawate, Manharn Lal Sahu, Madangopal Krishnan

ABSTRACT: Crude Sodium Di-Uranate (SDU) of Tummalapalle mine India, contains 2-3% (w/w) of silica besides 5-7% (w/w) of organic matter including polyacrylamides and humic masses with 2-5% Zirconium (Zr)...