Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Volume 3 Issue 2 (2022), 66-84

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Investigation of the Effectiveness of Aquatic Plants in Filtering Contaminated Water

by Andrew Lee, Jude C. Clapper

ABSTRACT: Population increase and rapid urbanization are two major factors for the scarcity of clean water in 21st century societies across the world. Modern sewage water treatment plants and filtration...

Open Access Article

Ecofriendly Bio-packing Based on Sugarcane Bagasse Fiber for Potential Application in Agroindustry

by Rafaella A. Aguiar, Jordane S. Rodrigues, Max P. Gonçalves, Fernanda G. L. M. Borsagli

ABSTRACT: The concern about waste in the world is growing because of the significant environmental impact. Therefore, new alternatives are used, such as recycling, biodegradable polymer, agroindustry waste...