Call for Papers for Special Issue: Covid-19 and Educational Transformations in Ghana


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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Areti Panaoura

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With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been plentiful variations in the educational system in many parts of the world. Presently, it appears that the emergence of the virus has affected the medium of instruction, physical activities among learners and teachers, the children's psychological disposition, their anxiety and the need for resilience.  In respect to education, we have to discuss further the introduction of digital technology in education in areas where they were non-existing, the relation of synchronous and asynchronous education. Indeed, it could be argued that the impact is more on the developing countries educational sector than the developed countries.

We are seeking research articles, literature reviews, case studies, and commentaries addressing the following questions:


●  How has the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the medium of instructions in developing Ghana?

●  How can sporting activities in schools be brought back into normal after the pandemic?

●  What was the role of COVID-19 pandemic in changing the pedagogical approaches of teachers in developing countries?

●  What are the perceived impacts of digital technologies in promoting teaching and learning in Ghana during the coronavirus pandemic?

●  How can digital technologies assist the ministry of education to meet the educational need of stakeholders during emergencies?

●  What are the ways of adjusting the medium of instruction to meet future emergencies?


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