Aims & Scope

Universal Journal of Environmental Sustainability (UJES) is an open access journal of environmentally sustainable development and its relationship to society, economics, cultures etc. of human being. UJES serves as a platform to discuss and address issues relevant to environmental sustainability and its influence, and aims to help environment and societies become more sustainable. It publishes review articles, research papers, and communications, and there is no restriction on the length of the papers.


Topics of publications in UJES include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Environmental and sustainability assessment

Sustainability indicator

Input-output environmental/sustainability analyses

Environmental accounting, auditing and review

Defining and quantifying sustainability

Measuring and monitoring sustainability


  • Methods to environmentally sustainable development

Effects of global climate change on development and sustainability

Sustainable utilization of resources such as land, water, atmosphere and other biological resources


  • Challenges associated with environmental sustainability

Degradation of ecosystems and species

Desertification and drought

Toxic substances reduction and elimination

Air pollution and climate change

Water pollution and sanitation

Environmental nexus


  • Other aspects relating to environmental sustainability

Sustainability tools

Applications of sustainability

Policies and laws relating to sustainability

Sustainability science