Universal Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2022)

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Radical and Incremental Innovations as Critical Leveragers of a Firm's Financial Performance: Best Practices from Tesla and Toyota

by Boniface Okanga

ABSTRACT: Even if the rippling effects of radical and incremental innovations often bolster a firm's overall effective financial performance, managing all kinds of innovation activities is often not a...

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Determinant Factors of Overconfidence, Herding Behavior, and Investor Elements on Investment Decision Making in China

by Pupu Wang, Chompu Nuangjamnong

ABSTRACT: Purpose –The purpose of this study is to research the influence of herd behavior, investor sentiment, overconfidence, and risk tolerance on the investment decision-making of Chinese individual...

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Budgetary Control and Organizational Survival: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

by Ben-Caleb Egbide, Madugba Joseph Ugochukwu, Innocent Favour Ijeoma

ABSTRACT: This paper was set out to investigate the functional rapport amid budgetary controls and organizational survival of manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The major problem that motivated this study...

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Launch of Universal Journal of Financial Economics

by Yu Hao

ABSTRACT: Financial economics is an exciting new field of study that integrates the theory of finance and financial institutions into the main body of economic theory. It draws on insights from general...

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Publisher's Note: Universal Journal of Financial Economics—A New Open Access Journal

by Hang Gao, Ni Ma, Russell Li

ABSTRACT: Economics is a discipline that studies various economic activities and various corresponding economic relations and the laws of operation and development of human society at various stages of...