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Universal Journal of Operations and Management (UJOM) covers a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary research in the field of Operations Management. The goal of UJOM is to publish cutting-edge, innovative research that has the potential to make a substantial theoretical and practical contribution to operations and management research. It describes the basis of decision-making, finds the best solutions to complex problems and achieves the maximum levels of effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. The mission of UJOM is to publish original, empirical operations and management research and to make all articles accessible to readers interested in operations management, ranging from planning, organizing, and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing, or service provision, as well as academic research sectors in the national economy, using creatively effective methods to solve practical problems. All articles submitted will be peer-reviewed and published as...

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The Effects of Casualisation on Mental Wellbeing and Risk Management in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

by Emma D'Antoine, Janis Jansz, Ahmed Barifcani, Sherrilyn Shaw-Mills, Mark Harris, Christopher Lagat

ABSTRACT: This qualitative study was conducted with the aim of identifying psychosocial hazards in Australian offshore oil and gas facilities. Twenty-nine offshore oil and gas workers were interviewed via...