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Applied Microbiology: Theory&Technology is an international peer-reviewed journal open to contributions in the following topics, but not restricted to: applied microbial, industrial microbiology, agricultural microbiology, medical microbiology, antibiotics, microbial identification techniques, microbial agents, protein and metabolic engineering, etc.

Articles published in AMTT share the goal of promoting effective and timely interaction and communication of quantitative researchers with subject-matter scientists in microbiology and its application. The editors of AMTT are committed to rapid peer review, to ensure the timely publication of the highest quality research articles, reviews, letters, case studies and technical communications.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Endophytic Colonization of Solanum Tuberosum L. (Solanales: Solanaceae) Plants Can Affect the Infestation of Serious Pests

by Mantzoukas Spiridon

ABSTRACT: The present study investigates the effects of the fungal entomopathogens Beauveria bassiana , Metarhizium anisopliae  and Isaria fumosorosea , following their endophytic colonization of...

Open Access Article

Fungal diversity and physicochemical changes in fresh fruits during storage at ambient room conditions

by Sahib Alam, Shima, Murad

ABSTRACT: The study aimed to investigate the effect of short-term postharvest storage on the fungal diversity and physicochemical and sensory quality of fresh fruits viz. apple, banana, grapes, guava and...