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Journal of Bio-agriculture provides a platform for sharing the latest high-quality research that addresses issues concerning agriculture, food and biological systems using advanced biotechnology and production techniques. The journal's scope encompasses scientific disciplines pertinent to agricultural sciences and engineering including crop, forestry, microbial fermentation engineering, animal husbandry and other production projects with excellent traits. Original research papers, reviews, short communication and perspectives in these topics scope are highly welcomed.

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Open Access Article

Response of Growth and Productivity of Cowpea Plants to Nano Mixture of Micronutrients Under Different Potassium Sulphate Fertilizer Rates

by Zyada H. G., Sabreen Kh. A. Ibraheim, F. M. El-Saadony, Mohamed I. Mohaseb

ABSTRACT: The response of cowpea cv. Cream 7 growth and productivity to potassium fertilization mixed with or without Nano mixture of micronutrients were studied during the summer of 2017 and 2018 seasons...

Open Access Article

Impact of Nano-Chitosan Rate and Glutamine Acid Concentration on Growth, Yield and Volatile Oil Production of Coriander Plants

by Nahed S. A. El Shayeb, Reem H. I. Hassan, Mohamed I. A. Mohaseb

ABSTRACT: Coriander ( Coriandrum sativum , L.) is an important aromatic plant in Egypt. A current work was aimed to study the impact of nano-chitosan rates (0.0, 2 and 4 ml/l), glutamine acid concentrations...

Open Access Article

Effects of Garlic Rotation and Organic Fertilizer Application on Bacterial Community Structure in Rhizosphere Soil of Continuous Cropping Tomato

by Yanyan Zhao, Guangjing Yin , Zuomin Song , Baoye Chen , Qiangfeng Li

ABSTRACT: 16S/18S/ITS's amplicon and metagenome sequencing had been used extensively to investigate the root mi- crobial community structure of crops and model plants. In this study, the rhizosphere soils...

Open Access Article

Effects of Phosphorus Fertilization and Plant Spacing on Herbage Yield of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Bauchi State, Nigeria

by Yunusa Muhammad Shuaibu, Sabo M. U., Isah Y.

ABSTRACT: A field trial was conducted at Bauchi State university teaching and research farm Gadau during 2018 and 2019 rainy seasons, to study the effects of phosphorus fertilization and plant spacing on...

Open Access Article

Seasonal Rainfall Variability and Arable Farming within the Dry Equatorial: Evidence from the Effutu Municipality

by Ishmael Yaw Dadson, Bismark Mensah, Ellen Kwarteng, Samuel Owusu

ABSTRACT: Over the past three decades, one of the major problems that confront developing economies in Africa is the impact of climate variability on agricultural development. In the face of seasonal...