Call for Papers for Volume 5, Issue 2



As an interdisciplinary and open access international journal, Advanced Energy Conversion Materials provides a global peer-reviewed platform to integrate high-quality research with the effective storage and usage of energy as well as the in-depth development of the new-rising energy. The journal focuses on all aspects of energy materials and devices, in particular energy conversion and storage.


Research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • 2D and solar photovoltaic materials (organic, inorganic or hybrid materials);
  • Waste-water purification based on nanomaterials;
  • Nanosensors based nanomaterials for detection gas, liquid, and etc;
  • Electrochemical, electrode materials and electrolyte materials;
  • Theoretical calculation and modelling for energy conversion processes;
  • Advanced materials for CO2 capture and utilization;
  • Storage of thermal energy by phase change materials (PCMs);
  • Piezoelectric and self-charging devices;
  • Advanced energy conversion and storage device design;
  • Batteries and supercapacitors;
  • Fuel cells, solar cells;
  • Generation and storage of Hydrogen;
  • Conversion and storage of Hydrocarbon;
  • Thermoelectric materials;
  • Nanocomposite dielectrics for energy storage;
  • Regional or global energy analysis and case study;
  • Thermal management materials and thermal management systems.


A variety of submissions are welcome, including review articles, research articles, communications, letters and application articles. Papers that have high scientific and technological merit, impart important new knowledge and are of high interest to the international community will be published.


Submission Information

Manuscript submission must follow the guidelines for the author.

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Article Processing Charge

Universal Wiser has instituted a generous waiver policy for Advanced Energy Conversion Materials. Currently, authors can publish papers in this journal without article processing charges or publication fees.

Kindly note that although it is free for publication, all submitted manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed rigorously during the editorial, reviewing and production process to ensure the quality and integrity of all the published articles.


Our editorial process is efficient and streamlined:

Submission portal opens: 31st October, 2023

Preliminary assessment: 1 week

Peer review: 4-6 weeks

Final decision on revised manuscript: 2 weeks

Production for online publication: 1 week


We welcome original research articles, review articles. The publication fee is free of charge.