Kinetic Description of Propagation of Quasiparticles Fluxes in Solid-state Structure

  • M. B. Kerimi Center of Technologies, Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, 744000, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Keywords: solid-state layers, boundaries, quasiparticles, fluxes distribution, thermodynamic values


Within the framework of the kinetic theory, the interaction of systems of quasiparticles and the exchange of quasiparticles of different types between layers of a plane-parallel solid structure are taken into account. The reasons influencing the propagation of differential fluxes of quasiparticles near each boundary of the structure are indicated. These include not only the appearance of a force field, in particular, electric еφ(х) and thermal ∇Т(х), fields near the boundary in equilibrium and its modification when equilibrium is disturbed, but also a change in the coordinate and angular dependence of the relaxation length of fluxes le(x, k, Ω) in the same region. Some modification of the distribution of characteristic thermodynamic quantities in the inhomogeneous region of the layer in comparison with the homogeneous layer also affects the propagation of fluxes. The necessity of a self-consistent solution of the kinetic boundary value problem of the joint propagation of differential fluxes of quasiparticles-a system of equations and integral boundary conditions-is substantiated. Near the boundary and in another inhomogeneous region of the layer thickness, as well as in the thin layer as a whole, in quasiparticles systems, it is proposed to use a specific coordinate distribution of the flux density of thermodynamic quantities over the structure thickness, which is mutually self-consistent with the propagation of the corresponding quasiparticles fluxes. The main conclusion of this work: when developing modern multilayer solid-state structures, especially with thin layers, it is necessary to use the kinetic theory, which adequately takes into account the physical picture that occurs not only in homogeneous and inhomogeneous regions of the thickness of each layer, but also at all boundaries of the structure.

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