Advanced Energy Conversion Materials, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2020), 1-69

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Design of Low Energy Integrated Membranes Units for Production of Highly Purified Water

by H. Abdallah, M. S. Shalaby, A. M. Shaban

ABSTRACT: Some industries like medical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemical manufacturing need a special quality of treated water which is called Purified water. Integrated membrane system was designed and...

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Heat Transfer Enhancement of Car Radiator Using Al₂ O₃ / Water Nanofluid in the Presence of Electric Field; an Experimental Study

by Koorosh Goudarzi, H. Jamali, V. Kalaei

ABSTRACT: In this experimental study, Aluminums Oxide (Al 2 O 3 ) in Pure Water (PW) as nanofluid was used for heat transfer enhancement in car radiator together with electric field. Electric field with...

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Development of the Photovoltaics Recycling Network

by Qi Guo, Christopher Kluse

ABSTRACT: The Photovoltaics (PV) industry has grown rapidly over 15 years. As the number of PV installation sites increases, the amount of the end-of-life PV products will subsequently increase. Therefore,...

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Growth of the Electrodeposited NiX2 (X= Te, Se) Thin Films

by T. Joseph Sahaya Anand, Rajes K. M. Rajan, Md Radzai Said, Lau Kok Tee

ABSTRACT: Thin films of nickel chalcogenide, NiX 2 (X= Te, Se) have been electrosynthesized on indium-tin-oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates. The films were characterized for their structural,...

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Nanotechnology Utilization in Energy Conversion, Storage and Efficiency: a Perspective Review

by Abdalla M Abdalla, Bassem E. Elnaghi, Shahzad Hossain, Mohamed Dawood, O. Abdelrehim, Abul K. Azad

ABSTRACT: World needs have revolved around the use of nanotechnology in most vital applications especially in the energy sector. From which has a major role in the application of this technology in several...