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From the perspective of scientific technological progress and human development, Artificial Intelligence Evolution provides a forum for scholars and practitioners who are interested in the development of AI's theories and technologies. Through accelerating the dissemination of important scientific results covering a wide array of areas, the journal also aims to increase publics' academic interest in AI.

The topics published include the theory and practice of robot intelligence, language and image recognition, natural language processing, expert systems, artificial intelligence technology life and cycle, click to see more...

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A Novel Approach to Detect Abnormal Chest X-rays of COVID-19 Patients Using Image Processing and Deep Learning

by Subhagata Chattopadhyay

ABSTRACT: The study proposes a novel approach to automate classifying Chest X-ray (CXR) images of COVID-19 positive patients. All acquired images have been pre-processed with Simple Median Filter (SMF) and...

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Bank Deposit Prediction Using Ensemble Learning

by Muhammed J. A. Patwary, S. Akter, M. S. Bin Alam, A. N. M. Rezaul Karim

ABSTRACT: Bank deposit is one of the vital issues for any financial institution. It is very challenging to predict a customer if he/she can be a depositor by analyzing related information. Some recent...

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Data Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the Real Estate Price

by Huang-Mei He, Yi Chen, Jia-Ying Xiao, Xue-Qing Chen, Zne-Jung Lee

ABSTRACT: China has carried out a large number of real estate market reforms that change the real estate market demand considerably. At the same time, the real estate price has soared in some cities and has...

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KMeans-NM-SalpEpi: Genetic Interactions Detection through K-Means Clustering with Nelder-Mead and Salp Optimization Techniques in Genome-Wide Association Studies

by S. Priya, R. Manavalan

ABSTRACT: Complex diseases identification through Gene-Gene Interactions (GGIs) plays a significant challenge in Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS). A typical indicator of genetic variations in many...

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Towards Grading Chest X-rays of COVID-19 Patients Using a Dynamic Radial Basis Function Network Classifier

by Subhagata Chattopadhyay

ABSTRACT: The high volume of COVID-19 Chest X-rays and less number of radiologists to interpret those is a challenge for the highly populous developing nations. Moreover, correct grading of the COVID-19...

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Automatic Epileptic Seizure Detection Based on EEG Signals Using Deep Learning

by Mohammad Karimi Moridani, Seyed Sina Jabbari Behnam, Mahdyar Heydar

ABSTRACT: About one percent of the world's population suffers from epilepsy. A patient with epilepsy must be diagnosed early and accurately if they are to have any chance of being treated successfully. One...

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Uniform Parallel Machines Scheduling with Setup Time, Learning Effect, Machine Idle Time, and Processing Set Restrictions to Minimize Earliness/Tardiness Costs

by Javad Rezaeian, Keyvan Shokoufi, Reza Alizadeh Foroutan

ABSTRACT: Inspired by a real industrial case, this study deals with the problem of scheduling jobs on uniform parallel machines with past-sequence-dependent setup times to minimize the total earliness and...

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Optimal Combination of Multivariate Filter Feature Selection and Classifier for Speech-Based Depression Detection

by Surbhi Sharma, Anthony J. Bustamante

ABSTRACT: In this paper, we have focused to improve the performance of a speech-based uni-modal depression detection system, which is non-invasive, involves low cost and computation time in comparison to...