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From the perspective of scientific technological progress and human development, Artificial Intelligence Evolution provides a forum for scholars and practitioners who are interested in the development of AI's theories and technologies. Through accelerating the dissemination of important scientific results covering a wide array of areas, the journal also aims to increase publics' academic interest in AI.

The topics published include the theory and practice of robot intelligence, language and image recognition, natural language processing, expert systems, artificial intelligence technology life and cycle, click to see more...

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Statistical Validation of Cardiovascular Digital Biomarkers Towards Monitoring the Cardiac Risk in COPD: A Lyfas Case Study

by Subhagata Chattopadhyay, Rupam Das

ABSTRACT: Background : Mobile health (mHealth) is gaining popularity due to its pervasiveness. Lyfas is a smartphone-based optical biomarker instrument catering to mHealth. It captures the Pulse Rate...

Open Access Article

Data Analytics for COVID-19 Pandemic

by Zhen-Zhen Chen, Rong-Jie Li, Xin-Yi He, Zhen-Xin Lian, Zne-Jung Lee

ABSTRACT: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the pandemic situation has begun to undergo positive changes with the joint efforts of various countries and world...

Open Access Article

Solving the Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem Using Memetic Algorithm

by Ahmad T. Al-Taani, Lubna M. Al-Afifi

ABSTRACT: The Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem (MTSP) is considered as an NP-complete problem due to the difficulty of finding the shortest tour between different cities with a set of constraints such as...

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An Approach to Identify Regions of Interest in Chest X-Ray Images of COVID-19 Patients and Its Clinical Validation: An Indian Study

by Subhagata Chattopadhyay

ABSTRACT: Background & Objective : This study aims to develop a simple and low-cost approach in identifying the Regions of Interest (ROI) inside the lung fields and accessory structures in the...

Open Access Article

A Textile Manufacturing Information System with Exponential Smoothing Method

by Cheng Xi, Bin Xiong, Yan Shan Ye, Huang Mei He, Ni Ping Zhang, Zne-Jung Lee

ABSTRACT: The traditional textile industry is characterized by a discrete production pattern, because the manufacturing workshop and equipment are quite old, and the level of information construction is...