Aims & Scope

From the perspective of scientific and technological progress and human development, Artificial Intelligence Evolution provides a forum for scholars and practitioners interested in the development of AI theories and technologies. The journal aims to increase public academic interest in AI by accelerating the dissemination of significant scientific results covering a wide range of areas. The journal publishes all topics related to artificial intelligence and its applications, including but not limited to:

● Data Mining

● Deep Learning

● Machine Learning

● Reinforcement Learning

● Fuzzy Logic

● Expert Systems

● Quantum Computing

● Robotics

● Natural Language Processing

● Computer Vision

● Recommender Systems

● Internet of Things

● Evolutionary Algorithms


Also, AI applications in different industries such as health care, education, automotive, finance, transport and travel, e-commerce, manufacturing, etc. are welcomed. The expected submissions are original research, reviews, letters, and survey papers.