Artificial Intelligence Evolution, Volume 4 Issue 1 (2023), 1-98

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Application of Traditional Machine Learning Models for Quantitative Trading of Bitcoin

by Yimeng Wang, Keyue Yan

ABSTRACT: Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency around the world, has had frequent and dramatic price changes in recent years. The price of bitcoin reached a new peak, nearly $65,000 in July 2021. Then,...

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Enhanced Bollinger Band Stock Quantitative Trading Strategy Based on Random Forest

by Keyue Yan, Yimeng Wang, Ying Li

ABSTRACT: Constructing applicable automated stock trading strategies has become one of the best ways that people can earn profits from their underlying assets' investments now. Automated stock trading, also...

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Prediction of the Computer Science Department's Educational Performance Through Machine Learning Model by Analyzing Students' Academic Statements

by Md. Alamgir Hossain, Ishtiaq Ahammad, Md. Kawsar Ahmed, Md Imtiaz Ahmed

ABSTRACT: In this digital world, technology is changing every second. For this reason, tech-based educational departments should be aware of their strong and weak areas. By doing so, they can analyze their...

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Application of Model Data for Training the Classifier of Defects in Rail Bolt Holes in Ultrasonic Diagnostics

by Aleksei Kaliuzhnyi

ABSTRACT: The task of searching for defects on defectograms of ultrasonic inspection of rails using machine learning methods is considered difficult due to the lack of a sufficient representative training...

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Weak-Strong Self-Adapting Fuzzy Neural Classifier for Dynamic Object Detection in RGBD Videos

by Mario I. Chacon-Murguia, Huber E. Orozco-Rodríguez, Graciela Ramirez-Alonso, Juan A. Ramirez-Quintana

ABSTRACT: This paper presents a fuzzy neural method to model background from videos in order to detect dynamic objects. The method includes a weak fuzzy classifier that performs an initial foreground and...

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Stroke Risk Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Through Electronic Health Records

by Song Jiang, Yuan Gu, Ela Kumar

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, Electronic Health Records (EHR) include critical information in the text format. In order to make medical decisions more efficient, the text should be processed and code deliberated. In...

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Towards Artificial Intelligence in Sustainable Environmental Development

by Hamed Taherdoost

ABSTRACT: One of the most significant problems facing humankind now is environmental issues, which have harmed life on the planet. Research has been done continuously to lessen the effects of climate change...