Artificial Intelligence Evolution, Volume 3 Issue 2 (2022), 69-169

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Multi-Timeframe Algorithmic Trading Bots Using Thick Data Heuristics with Deep Reinforcement Learning

by Gregory Roy, Jinan Fiaidhi, Sabah Mohammed

ABSTRACT: This article presents an augmented Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithmic trading approach that combines Thick Data Heuristic (TDH), with Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL), to successfully learn...

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An Intelligent High-formwork Support Monitoring System

by Shu Jin Chen, Lu Peng Jian, Jun Nan Lin, Mei Na Chen, Jia Wei Shen, Yi Yin Wang, Huang Mei He, Zne-Jung Lee

ABSTRACT: The high-formwork support is to form and maintain newly poured concrete so that there should be no deformation in the shape. Deflection and shrinkage should be minimum. The intelligent monitoring...

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A Study on Various Common Denoising Methods on Chest X-ray Images

by Subhagata Chattopadhyay

ABSTRACT: Image 'denoising' is an important pre-processing step as noise affects the image quality. The behaviors of denoising algorithms have been examined on a set of 2D Chest X-ray (CXR) images. Both the...

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Diabetes Prediction Tool under System on Chip Using Machine Learning Method

by Nour El-Houda Benalia, Soumaya Ferhat Taleb, Amel Tibhirt, Karima Chenikha, Rabah Sadoun, Ahlem Bentrah

ABSTRACT: Extraordinary advances in biotechnology and health sciences have brought significant generation of data, such as genetic data and clinical information, generated from huge electronic health...