Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 5 Issue 3(2024)

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A Multi Objective Solution to Integrated Power System in the Presence of Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator

by MD. Yaseen, Sravana Kumar Bali

ABSTRACT: The current geopolitical climate has highlighted the significance of maximizing the world’s energy potential. The optimal use of available assets lowers the cost of electricity to customers. This...

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Enhancing Agricultural Diagnostics through Linear Diophantine Multi-Fuzzy Soft Matrices with Lattice Implementation

by K. Jeevitha, J. Vimala, K. Ashma Banu, S. Nithya sri

ABSTRACT: A sophisticated conceptual process that is essential for system analysis and farming practice decision-making is agricultural modeling. Since, agricultural processes are rife with uncertainties...

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Analytical Solution of Concentrated Mixtures of Hydrogen Sulfide and Methanol in Steady State in Biofilm Model

by A. Uma, R. Raja, R. Swaminathan

ABSTRACT: The mathematical model of steady-state biofiltration of hydrogen sulfide and methanol mixtures is explored in this work. The non-linear term associated with monoid kinetics is a part of the system...